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Welcome to the robotics section of my website. This page is dedicated to my latest robot Nite 4. If you want to see also my previous projects, you can take a look here:

The aim of the Nite 4 project was (once again) to build a multidisciplinary robot capable to perform in both the Linefollower and Micromouse competition categories and also in similar ones like RoboCarts from the Prague’s Robotic Day. That means a lot of compromises which bring disadvantages against robots designed strictly for just one of these categories. But this is why I decided to build such a robot as it is a challenge and makes this robot unique.

After approximately one and a half year of evening / weekend work, I consider this project as finished. I will bring some explanation content later. Now, let’s have a look at its specs, successes, photos and videos below.

The achievements:

  • 1st prize, Linefollower Enhanced Adult, RobotChallenge 2017, China
  • 1st place, Linefollower, Robotic Day 2017, Czech Republic
  • 1st place, RoboCarts, Robotic Day 2017, Czech Republic
  • 1st place, Micromouse, Istrobot 2017, Slovakia
  • 3rd place, Micromouse, Robotic Tournament 2017, Poland
  • 1st place, Micromouse, Istrobot 2016, Slovakia
  • 1st place, Linefollower L1, Istrobot 2016, Slovakia
  • 1st place, RoboCarts, Robotic Day 2016, Czech Republic


  • 32-bit, 120 MHz, ARM-based STM32F205 MCU
  • ChibiOS RTOS
  • 2x Pololu Micro-Metal Gearmotor
  • 2x Pololu magnetic encoder
  • 14x IR line sensor (coupled IR LED and IR phototransistor)
  • 4x IR proximity sensor (coupled IR LED and IR phototransistor)
  • MPU6050 gyro/acc module
  • multi-purpose 3D-printed plastic frame
  • UART / Bluetooth interface for PC / smartphone communication
  • C programming language
  • LiPol battery, 7,4 V, 180 mAh
  • debug / diagnostics / control application for Windows and Android

Project photos:

Test videos:

Competition videos: